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Autor:  CrazyFrog [ Mie Sep 24, 2008 3:03 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Statia meteo ideala...

Am facut o schema despre cum as vrea sa arata statia mea dak strang bani...poate chiar o sa mi-o construiesc , avand in vedere ca stau la casa.
Nu se prea intelege scrisul,din cauza ca imaginea a fost redimensionata sa incapa in mesaj.

Schema poate fi vazuta si de aici :

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statie.JPG [ 30.84 KiB | Vizualizat de 3324 ori ]

Autor:  Popescu_TM [ Mie Sep 24, 2008 6:22 pm ]
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Super ...mi-ai dat o idee foarte faina ...

Autor:  CrazyFrog [ Mie Sep 24, 2008 7:00 pm ]
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Cu placere!
Inca ma mai gandesc daca sa-l fac de 10 metri sau de 15 metri inaltime . Presupun ca pt construirea unui releu dinasta trebuiesc ceva autorizatii.Oricum nu emana radiatii aproape deloc si datele sunt extrem de precise.
Prima data mi-a venit ideea de la faptul ca , desi stau la casa , sunt copaci si alte case in jur, asa ca o statie "la inaltime" e cea mai buna solutie.Inclusiv imaginile provenite de la webcam sunt clare , si fara alte obiecte care sa obtureze imaginea.

Autor:  vimp [ Sâm Sep 27, 2008 3:08 am ]
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costa ceva un "turn" din asta. Sigur ca trebuiesc autorizatii, ca pentru orice constructie.

Autor:  Roberta 93 [ Mie Apr 17, 2013 5:51 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Re: Statia meteo ideala...

Statia meteo ideala ar trebui sa aiba si asa ceva...
Model 6500 - Thunderstorm SensorThe Model 6500 Thunderstorm Detector, detects electrical discharges associated with thunderstorms within a 200 nautical mile radius of the system. The Model 6500 is a passive sensor that listens for electromagnetic signals with a receiving antenna. There is no transmitter, and therefore no harmful transmissions.

The Model 6500's antenna is a combined crossed-loop and sense antenna, which can correlate the electric and magnetic signatures of lightning strikes better than other systems due to its patented sense channel technology. The antenna has been designed to help filter out pulsed noise from sources other than atmospheric electrical discharges to ensure accurate readings.

The processor in the Model 6500 houses the data acquisition curcuitry, along with circuitry to process strike data and communicate with the AWOS Data Collection Platform (DCP). The lightning detection processor digitizes, analyses, and converts the discharge signal into range and bearing data, then stores the data in memory.

The Model 6500 is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified, meeting the most current regulatory requirement.

(turnul nu trebuie neaparat sa fie in forma de piramida!)

Autor:  Roberta 93 [ Mie Apr 17, 2013 6:04 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Re: Statia meteo ideala...

Model 2040 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
The FAA certified Model 2040 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor provides the best solution on the market for reliable, accurate, and cost-effective wind speed and directional measurement. It combines the latest patented advances in ultrasonic technology, together with AWI's years of experience as the recognized world leader in all-weather sensors. The elimination of moving parts, together with a rugged stainless steel construction, means this wind sensor is virtually maintenance-free and requires no calibration on site.

The Model 2040 is available with or without de-icing heat, and is offered with either analog or digital output.

With a Windows based WindCom communications package, many output modes are user selectable including units of measure, output rate, and output format. This flexible design allows the Model 2040 to be configured by the user to match their exact requirements. For additional information about this sensor, visit our support library.
etc, etc...

Autor:  Roberta 93 [ Mie Apr 17, 2013 6:07 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Re: Statia meteo ideala...

Model 8339 Laser Ceilometer
The Model 8339 Laser Ceilometer measures cloud height and thickness, in addition to vertical visibility. Unlike other ceilometers, the Model 8339 detects up to four cloud layers simultaneously to a distance of 25,000 vertical feet. Its precision makes it ideal for applications requiring the highest level of performance and reliability, such as aviation and meteorological studies.

In order to make these readings, a laser pulse is emitted into the atmosphere and back-scatter analyzed. Using the speed of light, the altitude of each cloud base and top is determined. Due to poorly defined borders or a sparse composition, some clouds are much more difficult to measure than others. Depending on the current and historical sky conditions, an adaptive algorithm determines the number of returns needed to maintain accuracy.

Accurate measurement of cloud height and thickness in all weather conditions, including heavy precipitation and low clouds, can cause serious errors in other ceilometers. AWI has applied proprietary algorithms and digital techniques developed over more than 20 years of cloud detection research and manufacturing, allowing the Model 8339 laser ceilometer to provide accurate information even in difficult circumstances.

Sensing circuits and optimization algorithms control the pulse frequency, output power and temperature of the laser itself in order to dramatically extend its life. The Model 8339 executes an array of self-tests during operation, which detect faults and reports them. These self-tests also identify the replaceable module associated with the fault, making trouble-shooting and repair as simple as possible.

For technical specifications and details, download our product data sheet

Autor:  Roberta 93 [ Mie Apr 17, 2013 6:11 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Re: Statia meteo ideala...

Model 3022 First Class Pyranometer
The Model 3022 is a First Class Pyranometer - the second of three classes according to both WHO and IPSO 9060 classifications. The Model 3022's excellent directional response, spectral sensitivity, and temperature dependence assure that you receive accurate and reliable measurements under normal environmental conditions. The Model 3022 is ideal for routine solar radiation measurements on a level surface.

Like the Model 3016, the 3022 is built inside a rugged, weather-proof anodized aluminum case, and uses a sensing element that incorporates a thermopile element. This sensing element is coated with a highly stable carbon based non-organic coating, which delivers excellent spectral absorption.

Designed for function and ease of use, the Model 3022 Pyranometer features an integral bubble that can be viewed without removing the snap-on sun shield, and a connector with gold-plated contacts that allows for easy exchange and calibration. The Model 3022 is also equipped with a screw-in drying cartridge making it quick and easy to replace the desiccant.

Autor:  Roberta 93 [ Mie Apr 17, 2013 6:14 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Re: Statia meteo ideala...

Model 6030 - Optical Rain Gauge
The AWI Model 6030 Optical Rain Gauge is a superior tool for rain measurement. The Model 6030's scintillation technology is the best method for optical measurement of rain. Falling rain causes beam intensity variations in the infrared light as it passes through the beam. These irregularities, known as scintillations, have characteristic patterns, which are detected by the sensor and converted to rain rate.

The Model 6030 was designed with a tough, yet lightweight rame, which can withstand the rigors of the most severe weather. Lens heaters keep the optical path clear of due or condensation, and the unit enclosure is rated NEMA 4 (IP 66).

etc, etc...idealul nu va exista niciodata, mereu va fi ceva mai nou si mai bun
Ramanem cu visele frumoase.

Autor:  Andrei87 [ Mie Apr 17, 2013 6:44 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Re: Statia meteo ideala...

Avioane... :lol:

Autor:  Roberta 93 [ Sâm Aug 31, 2013 8:10 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Re: Statia meteo ideala...

Ca o ironie, iata cum se masoara nu numai...*se lasa sa se incalzeasca in birou...

Autor:  doodoo [ Sâm Aug 31, 2013 10:33 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Re: Statia meteo ideala...

asa se masoara in mod corect, te miri ?

Autor:  Roberta 93 [ Dum Sep 01, 2013 8:37 am ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Re: Statia meteo ideala...

Sunt adepta aparatelor de ultima generatie.
asta din urma e pentru mos gerila.
Am poze cu o statie meteo celebra, care masoara zapada.
Dar cand sunt viscole de 140 la ora... (cabana babele)
Nu stiu cat e de real ce se masoara.. Chiar pe varful muntelui, o stie tot poporul.
Nici n-am idee cum sa se poata masura corect acolo cand sunt vartejuri de zapada viscolita fara sa ninga...

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